Every time you do something, strive to make it better than its predecessor, even if the change is slight.

Sometimes I look back at the artwork I completed six months, or maybe even two years ago and think, DANG! I really had it locked in there.

The benefit of spending time to grow with every new expression is that when you go back to what you were doing before the difference in execution is not always JUST visual; you will often find that your mind has found more direct and efficient ways of making something that may have taken you several hours, just months prior. You may find that you are able to control the direction of the expression more easily because your practice and repetition has leveled-up your muscled memory a few times!

Hey, we never said Sean could draw… | Photo: Sean Kinton

This philosophy is being constantly applied to the depth of my book CHIASM!

When I came up with the concept of CHIASM, I thought, Hey! This would be a very cool concept to shop around to other publishers… Maybe I’ll get on a project as a penciler, inker or writer? Best-case scenario they fall head-over-heels in love with MY story and bring me on for a blockbuster mortgage-paying deal!

So, I composed Issue #1 as a submission that I sent to a couple select major publishers.

My submission was rejected.

This did not deter me, however! I know that many of the GREATEST comic book minds have received countless rejection letter on their paths to success. What we have in today’s world is this unique and beautiful opportunity to plant and grow our own seeds, instead of head-butting an invisible brick wall hoping that it breaks.

I decided to start CROSS EYE COMICS and publish my book MY SELF. This way I could have full creative control; I can write WHAT I want, write ABOUT what I want, and HOW I want to write it.

I made the decision to publish Issue #1 in its RAW submission format; it was made to show how a raw, good idea starts out.

Image comparing panels from CHIASM issue #1 & #2 by Doug Knight
More panels from CHIASM issues #1 & #2 | Doug Knight

As we round the corner and hit Issue #2 of CHIASM we see that I started polishing the edges. I also made the decision to bring the book to full realization: COLOUR!

Issue #2 of CHIASM stands as the line in the sand.

Everything past that point MUST be better than the first two. Styles may change, there may even be some fun throwbacks from time to time. Issue #1 was my chasing the same dream that so many before me ran after: A rough idea and a hope that someone else sees the brilliance of your insanity.

Issue #2 is me shouldering the weight of my passion project and throwing it into the universe with full-throttle, MIND BLOWING force.

From start to finish Issue #1 took me approximately five weeks to complete.

Issue #2 took me closer to seven weeks to complete. I think the extra weeks of work shows in the little details, as you can see in the images above.

Panels from CHIASM issues #1 & #3! | Doug Knight | BUY ISSUE #3 RIGHT NOW!


…used to be interpreted as a slight against your ability to execute the task at hand. I now realize it is GOOD ADVICE for the strong-willed.

Every issue of CHIASM is created between the hours of 2:00AM and 6:00AM; when I can find some productivity time between my duties as a proud DAD and loving HUSBAND, handling my TATTOO appointments, and completing custom HOME-RENOVATIONS with MY dad. I am fully committed to continuing the development of CHIASM unto: It becomes my DAY JOB!

I think the thrill of seeing a new interpretation of art that you love is one of the most amazing gifts a long-running comic can give its fans. One of my gifts is being able to re-imagine the same stuff TEN different ways. I am confident it will spark all sorts of conversation points moving forward. I also enjoy hearing feedback! I’d love to hear from you, the reader, if you like one aspect of CHIASM’s art over another. I may just listen, you never know! I’ve been married for five years now, so “Yes dear, you were RIGHT!” are words that are absolutely in my vocabulary!

Thanks for reading!




Once upon a time a guy named THOR thought it would be funny to hide around corners, then abruptly jump out and startle me by shouting, “DOUGKNIGHT!!!!”

If you can imagine the cartoon where the little dog startles the big tough dog, that is almost EXACTLY how it happened… Except it was one giant dog scaring another not-as-giant-but-still-very-big-dog.


An image of Toronto Tattooo Artist Thor Hammersen
Thor Hammersen | Toronto tattoo artist and mentor | Instagram: @thor_hammersen_tattoo

Thor was, at that time and still is, not only one of my best friends, but was a pivotal mentor in my tattooing career, as well as being as close to a big brother as I have ever had.

Thor shouting “DOUGKNIGHT!” was about as hard as my life as a tattoo apprentice ever got — which means I got off PRETTY LIGHT based on some of the stories my peers have told me.

What Thor didn’t know was that by shouting my name at me from behind corners he forever changed how I heard my inner-voice speak my own name.

In my head I went from hearing the nurse’s voice announce me as the next one up at the IV station over the loud speaker on the oncology floor of HSC

TO AN ACTION VERB. One splattered across a center-fold splash page in an action-magazine!


Illustration of the phrase "DOUGKIGHT!" drawn by Doug Knight.


There is power in the names that we were given. There is power in the names that we give to our children.

DOUG KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, wait wait… are we just going to gloss over the “tattoo-apprenticeship” thing? Doug, aren’t you blind?
… isn’t that sort of your whole thing here over at CROSS EYE COMICS? I’m confused.

Take a deep breath, my friend. If I told you the whole story at once I wouldn’t have anything else to BLOG about!

Image of Doug Knight tattooing his father.
Doug, age 24, tattooing his father.

The artwork of THOR HAMMERSEN can be found on Instagram @thor_hammersen_tattoo.
Reach THOR at thorhammersen@hotmail.com


Who is Doug Knight, and what exactly is CHIASM and Cross Eye Comics?

A work in progress: CHIASM issue numb- Actually, you know what? You should just go read CHIASM and find out for yourself!

CHIASM is a book that I, Douglas Rawle (pronounced R-AWE-L) Knight have written, drawn, inked and coloured. All the incredible website work is done by my childhood friend-turned-smart-fella, Sean. So if you find any errors, blame him. I’M KIDDING FOLKS; I am also getting to the point.

The odyssey that is CROSS EYE COMICS is a ship being piloted by two savants. I bring the story and Sean makes sure that you aren’t baffled by my inability to stay organized!

If you have and thoughts, concerns or issues with the website’s functionality or accessibility, please, PLEASE feel free to email CROSSEYECOMICS@GMAIL.COM and let us know how we can improve the experience for you.

If this is the first time you are reading it, CHIASM is a story that utilizes MANY of my life’s experiences to embellish outlandish science-fiction stories. Why is this important? I have thirty-two years of story to draw from, and not to mention, a general story line that I have fleshed out (NO SPOILERS); all from an imagination that some have called… twisted? This is my long-winded way of saying that this train isn’t going to stop at ten issues.

An image of Doug Knight sitting with his father - from when Doug won the Marlene Gutsol "Yes I Can Award"
Little Desmo- err, Douglas Knight, age 13, with father Phil Knight. Doug was awarded the Marlene Gutsol “Yes I Can” Award, given to the special needs student who demonstrated the most unwillingness to let their disability stop them from achieving.

This may become a global phenomenon that acts as a voice for self-advocacy and childhood cancer survival. It may also just remain one man’s passion project that the people closest to me can enjoy. Either way, the tools are in place here at CROSSEYECOMICS.COM.


NOTE: Sometimes Doug will leave notes for links and images he wants in his blog posts. For reader amusement and a little peek into Doug’s writing process I’m going to pepper some of the better comment-banter between us into his posts. But, shhhh, don’t tell Doug – Sean

Thank you all for visiting the site, reading my books, buying my art and helping me realize my wildest dreams!

Doug Knight.