We are GO for launch!

As of July 27th of the 20th year past the GREAT Y2K scare…CROSSEYECOMICS.COM is LIVE!

Well, geez Douglas, the 27th of July? What a random day to start this endeavor…

July 27th of 2007: I was released from the care of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada at the age of 19. This did not mean that my battle with cancer was at an end — only my time with the incredible medical professionals at HSC.

It had been THIRTEEN years of pokes, prods, scans, lights shining in my eyes, more pokes, ups, downs, bad news, worse news, but also lots and LOTS of good news.

Being transferred to the care of the University Hospital Network as an adult was almost like medical graduation. The moment where my training wheels came off, so-to-speak.

The Hospital For Sick Children (Sick Kids) | Photo by Sean Kinton 2020

There is a piece of paper floating around my parents house declaring my release from HSC. That paper, to me, is WAY more significant than my high school diploma.

I attended the small meeting with my endocrinologist at the time, Dr. Stacey Urbach, her fellow, and my parents that summer day thirteen years ago. I did not attend my high school graduation ceremony. (Settle down, I’m still alive, I just wanted to emphasize the importance of the meeting!)

Let’s get back on track here!

CROSSEYECOMICS.COM — Holy smokes. I printed my first run of books mid-pandemic (COVID-19, for those reading this twenty years from now).

To hold issues #1 & #2 in my hands was an affirmation of two things:

1: I am MEANT to make comics.
In the spirit of accessibility I want to make comics available for EVERYONE to read.

Growing up, the only words in the books I loved were the REALLY BIG SOUND EFFECTS! The font in the speech bubbles was often too small for me to read.

I am creating this book digitally, meaning that I am able to get lots of words in the little bubbles; however, having the opportunity to create in this digital format I am able to UNLOCK the ability for individuals to zoom way, way, WAYYYYYY in and read to their heart’s content.

ALSO, my good friend and techno-stud [DOUG’S WORDS], Sean, has found something he [READ: EVERYONE] calls a “plug-in” (I still don’t understand this jargon), that allows for a much more accessible viewing experience for your peepers. On the right-hand side there you’ll see THIS ICON:

An image of the accessibility tools tab. Icon looks like a wheelchair.
Click on this tab found on the right side of your screen for access to enhanced accessibility options.

Moving forward, I hope to continue making this digital book more accessible. I have plans to explore audio and descriptive comic options as well. One step at a time here thought.

As it stands, there are two of us running this website: Sean, and myself (Doug). He does the smart, cyber-stuff with the links and the hyperlinks, and the SEOs and the links… I said links already. Hey, watch this:



[OOPS -Sean]


[HEHEHE -Sean]

Isn’t that rad? And there you have it, a LINK to the first issue of CHIASM is the perfect place to start.

The other component to this site, MYSELF, is the creative element. If it looks like a blind guy drew it… GUILTY. I have proudly crafted all of the visuals for this site. All of the artwork that you’ll see posted here at CROSSEYECOMICS.COM was created by myself!

Moving forward, I would like to highlight artists who have influenced me with nice little thank-you blurbs, but they will get highlighted in my DOUG LIFE blog [SEAN, LINK THAT -Doug]. My goodness that’s fun.

NOTE: Image depicts old website layout.

So, there you have it: July 27th, 2020.

CROSSEYECOMICS.COM is open to the public. Tell your friends. Come one, come all! Read my books, buy my merch.

IF you should have any thoughts, concerns or inquiries please feel free to email, and either myself or Sean will do our best to respond in as timely manner as possible.

Thank you all,
Douglas Knight

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