Who is Doug Knight, and what exactly is CHIASM and Cross Eye Comics?

A work in progress: CHIASM issue numb- Actually, you know what? You should just go read CHIASM and find out for yourself!

CHIASM is a book that I, Douglas Rawle (pronounced R-AWE-L) Knight have written, drawn, inked and coloured. All the incredible website work is done by my childhood friend-turned-smart-fella, Sean. So if you find any errors, blame him. I’M KIDDING FOLKS; I am also getting to the point.

The odyssey that is CROSS EYE COMICS is a ship being piloted by two savants. I bring the story and Sean makes sure that you aren’t baffled by my inability to stay organized!

If you have and thoughts, concerns or issues with the website’s functionality or accessibility, please, PLEASE feel free to email CROSSEYECOMICS@GMAIL.COM and let us know how we can improve the experience for you.

If this is the first time you are reading it, CHIASM is a story that utilizes MANY of my life’s experiences to embellish outlandish science-fiction stories. Why is this important? I have thirty-two years of story to draw from, and not to mention, a general story line that I have fleshed out (NO SPOILERS); all from an imagination that some have called… twisted? This is my long-winded way of saying that this train isn’t going to stop at ten issues.

An image of Doug Knight sitting with his father - from when Doug won the Marlene Gutsol "Yes I Can Award"
Little Desmo- err, Douglas Knight, age 13, with father Phil Knight. Doug was awarded the Marlene Gutsol “Yes I Can” Award, given to the special needs student who demonstrated the most unwillingness to let their disability stop them from achieving.

This may become a global phenomenon that acts as a voice for self-advocacy and childhood cancer survival. It may also just remain one man’s passion project that the people closest to me can enjoy. Either way, the tools are in place here at CROSSEYECOMICS.COM.


NOTE: Sometimes Doug will leave notes for links and images he wants in his blog posts. For reader amusement and a little peek into Doug’s writing process I’m going to pepper some of the better comment-banter between us into his posts. But, shhhh, don’t tell Doug – Sean

Thank you all for visiting the site, reading my books, buying my art and helping me realize my wildest dreams!

Doug Knight.

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